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      2. 首页    激光模切    激光清洗机Laser cleaning machine

        激光清洗机Laser cleaning machine

        性能特点 Performance features

        1.Using laser to achieve powder cleaning on the surface of the electrode, which can improve the manufacturing efficiency and increase the capacity of the cell.
        2.The electrode is loaded by pneumatic expansion and clamping, equipped with a block gauge for loading the electrode, so as to achieve quick material change.
        3.The laser does not damage the electrode during the powder cleaning process, and the two sides of the electrode are powdered separately.
        4.Laser powder cleaning process has the function of surface protection and dust absorption of the electrode.
        5.Before rewinding the electrode, it is equipped with the function of brushing powder and vacuuming, and the equipment has an industrial vacuum cleaner and overall vacuum pipeline.
        6.Laser part is equipped with safety protection device.
        7.CCD vision system is adopted to detect the size and effect after powder cleaning.


        规格参数 Specification and parameter

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